What are the most popular artworks of this month? We share and describe the 5 works of art that in the last month have obtained the highest number of views, requests for information and comments.

For some works of art we expected it, for others the interest is growing day by day. We reveal our 5 most popular works of art of the month. What do other collectors keep under observation?

1. Andy Warhol

andy warhol serigrafiaAndy Warhol “Magazine and History”, 1983 – silkscreen and offset lithography on paper, 85,1×69,8 cm

The first position did not surprise us: Andy Warhol is the most famous artist in the world, the father of pop art, the undisputed genius who revolutionized contemporary art.

This original Andy Warhol screenprint, signed and numbered in pencil, reproduces 25 covers of Bunte Magazine, a German weekly covering celebrities, gossip, news and lifestyle issues. Each magazine cover is represented in a different color, acting as individual tiles that form a different type of multicolored mosaic.

Andy Warhol created a painting with the same subject, similarly titled “Magazine and History“, the latter measuring 4.3 meters in height and completed in 1983, becoming part of the Hubert Burda Media collection.

2. Jisbar

jisbar frida

Jisbar “Frida and Diego”, 2021 – mixed media on canvas – 146×114 cm

Jisbar‘s masterpiece, an amazing work of art in terms of composition and meaning.

In this work, Jisbar has revisited the famous 1931 painting by Frida Kahlo, in which the artist represents herself next to her husband Diego Rivera two years after their marriage. If in the work of art created by the Mexican artist the figures are represented with flat, dark colors and suggest a certain distance between the spouses, an absence of complicity and perhaps even hatred, in the work of Jisbar husband and wife are close, the eyes are full of love and Diego has in his hands a floral gift for his Frida.

We were particularly surprised to receive a comment from a user on our official Instagram channel about this work of art by Jisbar. The user, probably a profound connoisseur of the art and life of Frida Kahlo, writes that he disagrees with Diego’s intentions, because he never valued Frida in any way, nor has he ever highlighted his artistic skills. The user adds that, however, he is fascinated by this work of art by Jisbar.

These observations were an opportunity for us to investigate Jisbar’s work more deeply and understand why the artist wanted to portray the spouses Frida and Diego in such a distant way from the original painting. Inside this work of art, among the many phrases and words that the artist has inserted, two have caught our attention: “Diego pls be kind to Frida” (Diego, please be kind to Frida) and “Don’t Lie No More”. In the center, in large letters, “LOVE STORY“.

All this has given us an interesting interpretation and that is that in this work of art, Jisbar wanted to enhance the person of Frida, as a woman and artistic talent, also believing in the strength and beauty of forgiveness and love, regardless of the reality of the facts. The artist decided, 90 years after the creation of Frida Kahlo’s work, to reunite the spouses Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, strongly believing in their love story. With commitment, willpower and passion, all obstacles can be overcome!

3. Mark Kostabi

mark kostabi

Mark Kostabi “Mr. Wonderful”, 2009 – oil on canvas 30×30 cm

This work of art by Mark Kostabi represents an extremely eloquent life scene. A businessman looks sad and busy in his work activities and is the only subject in the scene to also suffer a surreal bad weather, while all the others around him appear happy and carefree enjoying the beautiful day.

The faceless characters typical of Mark Kostabi’s works of art are increasingly attracting the attention of collectors, critics and the international press, as well as being exhibited in the most important and prestigious museums in the world.

4. Kaws

kaws small lie

Kaws “Small Lie Grey”, 2017 – Vinyl cast resin and paint – 28 cm

KAWS is one of the most popular and respected artists in the world and his artistic output ranges from large-scale paintings, murals and sculptures to design and toy making.

The Small Lie series, inspired by Pinocchio, depicts a childlike character who bows his head in shame, as if hiding from a parent after getting into trouble. KAWS debuted the Small Lie character at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 2016, presenting a 30-foot-tall wooden version. The following year, KAWS, in collaboration with Medicom Toy, created an 11-inch (28 cm) tall Small Lie art toy of that same sculpture, in three different editions: Small Lie Gray, Small Lie Black and Small Lie Brown.

5. Franco Angeli

franco angeli opera d'arte

Franco Angeli “Piramide”, 1986-88 – mixed media on canvas 80×60 cm

This prestigious work of art by Franco Angeli expresses very well many of the themes dear to the Roman pop artist: the pyramid, an airplane, the moon and, in the center, a playful puppet on a background colored with black acrylic.

Franco Angeli artist was one of the most famous on the Italian and international art scene; also known for having founded, together with Tano Festa, Mario Schifano and Giosetta Fioroni, who used to gather at the Caffè Rosati in Piazza del Popolo or at the Galleria La Tartaruga by Plinio De Martiis, the artistic experience known as the “Scuola di Piazza del Popolo“.