About us

“We would like anyone to enjoy art”

The Strip Gallery is based in Monza (Italy) and proposes, incentives and promotes the culture of modern and contemporary art through the presentation and sale of works of art and also through participation in exhibitions and fairs.

The Strip is a post-war and contemporary art online gallery with artworks ed limited editions by Andy Warhol, Mario Schifano, Obey, Kaws, Mark Kostabi, Marta Zawadzka, Zhang Dali, Franco Angeli, Mimmo Rotella, Jisbar, Prefab77, Christophe Catelain and other popular and emerging artists.

Why the name “The Strip”?
The term “strip” is generally used to indicate the famous ballet during which someone completely undresses his clothes and remains naked in front of the spectators. In the same way, our marketed art is a popular art, it is an art that can be observed on urban walls and public transportation; it is an art that everyone can see and live independently of any external conditioning. Our art is everyone’s art, it is the art that strips itself of itself in order to be fully enjoyed by anyone.

What is the mission?
It is The Strip Gallery mission to provide his clientele with the opportunity to buy art of the finest quality, cultural relevance, and appreciative value.
The Gallery has direct agreements with almost all the artists it represents. If the artists are missing and no longer alive, the works are acquired by qualified international partners, sometimes by the foundations or heirs of the artists. Sometimes we buy from private individuals, if there are all the possible and necessary certifications, origins and guarantees.
All our artworks are certified and verified by the artists themselves or, for artists no longer alive, by official archives and foundations.

What is the vision?
We wish everyone could enjoy art in everyone’s home.