“Everything is treated with the same importance, as everything is a commodity, from Coca Cola (it tastes the same for me and Marilyn Monroe!) to the human destiny of a movie star”.

Wonderful screen-prints of Andy Warhol‘s famous icon – Marilyn Monroe – edited by Sunday B. Morning and produced in museum quality are available at THE STRIP Gallery, all with certificates of authenticity.

andy warhol marilyn monroe
Andy warhol – “Marilyn Monroe” silk-screen printing on paper

The Marilyn Monroe icon is isolated in the center of an aseptic background. The head is severed from the body, flat. The photographic process, revealed and forced to the point of overexposure, dissects the face into precise interlocking colors, indifferently inverted.
Eyes, mouth, hair, the famous blond curls, look like fake ones, and instead of giving us an image full of life, they give us an artificial pattern.

It is a humanity that becomes stereotyped!

Andy Warhol acts within and with the same means as the cultural industry but, dismantling it piece by piece, he reveals its limits. “*

* Taken from the volume “CONTEMPORANEA” – Art from 1950 to today, Electa publisher.