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Are you the owner of one or more works of art and would you like to sell them?
Are you curious to find out the current value of your collection of artworks?
Knowing the correct listing of artworks allows you to consciously choose how to sell them and how to maximize revenue. Selling works of art, selling all or part of one’s collection must necessarily be a planned operation in such a way as to be able to take advantage of the best market prices.
In order to sell works of art, it is not enough to entrust them to any art gallery or auction house, for two reasons: the first is that not knowing the correct current market price you risk underestimating or overestimating the works of art you own and, consequently, the results you will get may not be what you hoped for; the second reason is the fact that every auction house and every art gallery in the world has a more or less limited circle of customers and, therefore, without knowing the prices of previous sales, results could be lower than the true potential of the artwork you want to sell.
If you have planned to sell works of art from your collection, The Strip Gallery provides the “WORKS OF ART EVALUATION” service, which includes:
1. Current listing of the work of art;
2. Comparison with similar works of art by type, size, dating and certifications;
3. Tips on how and where you can sell your works of art to have the best chance of getting the best results.
We will not provide opinions on the authenticity of the works of art, unless they are works of our origin.
The cost of the “ARTWORK EVALUATION” service is € 10, which can be customized in the case of a request relating to multiple works of art. For more information or to use this service: [email protected]

N.B. It should be noted that the service offered relates to an opinion based on previous auction awards and therefore cannot guarantee in any way that the quotations proposed find concrete confirmation in reality, when you decide to sell your work of art. The market prices, in fact, change daily and one or more awards that took place even a few days ago may never be repeated. The service therefore guarantees an evaluation as close as possible to reality, in such a way as to guide the collector towards a choice that is as aware and transparent as possible.