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Auguste (France 1977) hails from the famed Bordeaux region of France. Though he studied disciplines other than fine arts, Auguste always felt compelled and drawn to the art world. Ultimately he followed his passion for the visual arts, finding his unique artistic vision and voice and is now known for his colorful contemporary Pop Art -inspired and nostalgia- evoking works.
Auguste is the name chosen to sign his artworks, it is a reference to the Roman Emperor.

His works, very focused on the theme Generation invite us to memories, through celebrities, icons, emblematic brands or even superheroes. They therefore mix styles and eras, in a universe of popular culture. Auguste‘s work is based on a mixed technique, namely digital, collages, acrylic paint and automotive varnish to give a glossy and shiny side. The preferred medium with which Auguste creates his artworks is aluminum
Auguste exhibits all over the world: New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Miami, Singapore, Tokyo, London, Saint Barth, Paris, Kuwait.

Auguste artworks for sale

Below you can find the artworks by the artist Auguste with updated prices.

All Auguste‘s works are made with mixed techniques on aluminum and are signed and titled on the back.

Mixed media on aluminum

80×80 cm


Mixed media on aluminum

110×70 cm

4500 €

Mixed media on aluminum

80×80 cm

6500 €