New digital art masterpieces by London-based artist Cesar Pelizer, to which Superrare dedicates an exclusive interview.

The surreal and introspective worlds of Cesar Pelizer never stop to amaze us and with each new work we wonder what will be next and how the artist will be able to captivate and involve the viewer.

We are honored to present two new digital works by Cesar Pelizer, to whom we have added – for collectors who like to be able to “touch” their works of art – also the related Infinite Objects.

The Infinite Objects are extremely modern looking screens, small in size and can be displayed almost anywhere. These screens continuously project – in loop – the digital work of art, thus making it usable even in the real world. It is a way, therefore, to be able to physically enjoy the work of art in NFT format and be able to admire it not only on the screen of a smartphone or computer, but to make it accessible to anyone in this way.

The Infinite Objects will be delivered together with the digital artwork and are signed by the artist in 1/1 edition, therefore real unique pieces.

cesar pelizer nft

Cesar Pelizer “Avoiding”, 2021 – digital NFT art – 1/1

Cesar Pelizer’s first work is also one of our favorites – “Avoiding“, a unique edition digital art masterpiece that was also featured on the cover of an interview article that the famous Superrare platform dedicated to the artist.

Welcome to César Pelizer’s digital playground, where practical designs blend with ethereal mindscapes and where circumstances of the human condition are displayed in the form of NFTs.

Pelizer places his 3D statuesque characters, designed in his iconic style, on an interactive plane where they intermingle with their surroundings. His use of bright colors, clean lines, and bold shapes is visually appealing and the unclear nature of the scenes leave the interpretation up to the observer.” – writes Tony Fantano, journalist for Superrare. We invite you to read the entire article as it is extremely interesting!

Cesar Pelizer “Eyeballing It”, 2021 – digital NFT video animation – 1/1

Cesar Pelizer’s second digital work is a 3D animated video – depicting the head of the artist’s famous character spinning around itself between his fingers. The viewer has the task of analyzing and understanding the work, often identifying with it.

For more information on the world of digital art in NFT format, we have created a special guide that you can consult by clicking here.