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Christophe Catelain born in France in 1972, is a visual artist photographer, from the ‘Urban & Contemporary’ environment.

A marriage of Pop Culture, Street Art and photographs taken around the world.
“Everything becomes inspiration with a multi-media lifestyle…I like… I denounce & compose with the sandstone of the news and feed me on future projects … ” says Christophe Catelain.
Cradled by the Pop Art culture & influenced by that of Street Art, Christophe Catelain “visuals” made up of a thousand images nested and married to each other, are available in several formats and various techniques (Plexi & wood sculptures, Led box, edition under plexiglass…).
The collections have passed through New York, Singapore, Paris, Dubai, Los Angeles.
Non-conformist, increasingly engaged in a very “Art And Peace” composition process, its collections are winks and pay homage to the movements “Love, Freedom, No More War”.

Christophe Catelain artworks

Christophe Catelain original artworks for sale – limited edition plexiglass paintings and aluminum frames.

These are works made in very few examples in the world (so much so that they are mostly considered unique pieces) through the collage of hundreds of photographs taken by Christophe Catelain and set according to a precise and particular architecture.

The artworks by Christophe Catelain for sale are in plexiglass and accompanied by a QR code certificate of authenticity issued by Catelain himself.

Edition under plexiglass 2 mm & brushed aluminum metal frame 2.5 cm – edition 1/7

50x50x2,5 cm

1.000 €

Edition under plexiglass 2 mm & White frame 0.5 mm – edition 1/7

90x60x0,7 cm

1.800 €

Edition under plexiglass 2 mm & White frame 0.5 mm – edition 1/5

50x76x0,7 cm