More and more famous and desired, Cope2’s works of art are sold in the best auctions around the world. Sotheby’s recently awarded a work on canvas for more than $ 10,000.

From the Bronx to Sotheby’s, after a long career as street artist Fernando Carlo Jr – a.k.a. Cope2 – is today one of the most popular street artists in the world.

Yesterday was the award, at the Sotheby’s auction house, of a wonderful and prestigious work of art on canvas measuring approximately 127×139 cm, which cost more than $ 10,000 in New York.

cope2 art

Cope2 – “Stay Focused”, 2021 – mixed media on canvas 127×139 cm – Sotheby’s rights

“I painted the nyc subway cars in the early 1980’s and on to the streets of the Bronx in the 90’s I’ve always had a natural style and energy in my work.” says Fernando Carlo Jr.

During his long and legendary career as a street artist, Fernando Carlo has started collaborations with prestigious and recognized brands including Time Magazine, Converse and Adidas, even appearing in famous video games such as Getting up and Grand Theft Auto IV.

Cope2’s artworks, characterized by an energetic and colorful painting, have been exhibited all over the w United States, Paris, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany, Spain, China, France and United Kingdom.

A multifaceted artist loved by his thousands of passionate supporters and admirers. Cope2 in recent days has also started an exciting artistic collaboration with the talented French street/pop artist Jisbar (Jean-Baptiste Launay) creating an unmistakable combination of styles:

jisbar and cope2

Jisbar & Cope2 – mixed media on canvas – @mrcope2 Instagram

Proud and honored by the collaboration with Fernando Carlo Jr, we will continue to promote and propose Cope2’s best works of art to our international clientele.