The Strip Gallery cannot guarantee the absolute fidelity of the colors and details of the images of the published works; these parameters, in fact, depend not only on the precision with which the image is captured, processed and recorded, but also on the chromatic and detailed fidelity with which the peripherals (monitors, printers, etc.) provide the final display of the images.
The Strip Gallery is not responsible for any interruption of the thestripgallery.com website due to:

  • any drops in the national, international telematic connection or any suspension of the connection to the internet due to problems relating to telephone operators, service providers and/or maintainers;
    maintenance and/or updating of the software;
  • natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, floods and more;
  • cancellations or tampering of the customer database due to attacks by hackers on the web server where the software of the website thestripgallery.com resides or attacks by computer viruses.

However, The Strip Gallery undertakes to minimize the consequences of any service interruptions.