How did Andy Warhol make his works of art? A video to find out!

The iconic works of Andy Warhol, created in series, are not simple prints, they are real works of art, conceived and created by the great genius of Warhol through a very precise creative process.

Andy Warhol intervened on each individual production, with the help of the screen printing system. Few colors and sharp margins create a silhouette effect that refers to advertising signs. Because art, according to the genius of Pittsburgh, is “mass” and “democratic“, like consumption in America during the economic boom.

The Andy Warhol printing process was developed in the East in very ancient times.

The video made by Tate, shown below, is extremely interesting, through which we illustrate the printing process of Warhol, step by step. You will find that Warhol’s screen printing works are NOT simple prints, far from it!