Jean-Baptiste Launay, a.k.a. Jisbar, never ceases to surprise us and reinvent itself for new exciting projects. From art to sport, the French artist collaborates with the most famous sportsmen art lovers in the world.

Jisbar is famous all over the world for being the first artist ever to reinterpret masterpieces of classical and modern art such as the Mona Lisa, Frida Kahlo and other works of art by other great artists such as Klimt and Andy Warhol with his personal pop and street art style, adapting the masterpieces of the past to the present day, making the works of the great masters of the past more “legible”.

A fresh, revolutionary style, which is perfectly suited to our days. The colors are bright, vivid and alongside the most famous icons Jisbar combines symbols, phrases, single words and short thoughts. Jisbar’s works of art are able to give us strong emotions, the street & pop art style also allows the new generations, the youngest and those who never thought they could be passionate about art, to approach this fascinating world .

An example of this is the footballer Kylian Mbappé, born in 1998, current player of the prestigious French team Paris Saint-Germain, who decided to be immortalized with a personalized jacket by Jisbar, and then post it on his personal Instagram profile followed by several million users.


mbappè jisbar

And more, Fabio Quartararo, French motorcycle rider, born in 1999, immortalized on Instagram alongside his passion: a work of art by Jisbar depicting a reinterpretation of the Mona Lisa in the unmistakable @Jisbar style.

quartararo jisbar


The official Yamaha rider then unveiled, during the Le Mans GP, a new look that celebrates his love and great passion for art. During the race, in fact, he presents himself to his spectators with perfectly matched gloves and boots and, again, personalized by the French artist and friend Jisbar (cover photo).

We are extremely proud to be able to collaborate with Jisbar, an artist capable of pursuing our own ideals and reinventing himself every day to bring art closer.