French neo-pop artist Jisbar has sent his Mona Lisa into orbit around Earth, a pop-art piece paying tribute to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci to celebrate the 500th anniversary of this eternal artist-traveller.

To make this project possible, the artist had to recreate his Punk Mona, changing his usual techniques by using acrylic paint, oil and aerosol cans in order to create a painting that can withstand extreme weather conditions when projected into space.

On Wednesday 11 December 2019 at 11.03 am, the painting was sent to an altitude of 33.4 km above the Earth’s surface using a custom-made carbon basket equipped with a full HD camera and a biodegradable helium-filled, fuel-free balloon emitting ZERO emissions. An extraordinary and 100% non-polluting venture. After 3 hours in orbit, the painting landed in the north of England.

The project is the result of seven months’ work combining art, engineering, mathematics, physics, environmental protection and many other fields.

Making the impossible possible is what drives this adventurous artist. Passionate about pushing back limits and challenging himself daily, Jisbar developed his artistic work over the years. His restless, innovative, fun and inquiring personality can be seen in his singular work that has made him famous all over the world.