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Joe Tilson

Joe Tilson


Joe Tilson was born in London on August 24, 1928. Between 1944 and 1946 he worked as a carpenter and studied at the Brixton School of Building.

Joe Tilson‘s first paintings, made in the 1950s, reflect the suggestions of the discovery of Italy and Spain. Immediately thereafter, Tilson made reliefs in rough wood, with geometric shapes of various configurations, followed by works in which color breaks in the early 1960s – this is the period in which Tilson can be associated with Pop Art.

Joe Tilson artworks are the result of a search for the sacred in nature, unscathed by human affairs.

Joe Tilson has achieved many awards throughout his career and his artworks are exhibited in museums all over the world.

Joe Tilson artworks

Joe TIlson multiples in wood in limited edition, pyrographed signature on the back.

Joe Tilson limited edition original artworks.

Painted wood

33x41x12 cm

Ed. 50 

1.400 €

Painted wood

37x38x5.5 cm

Ed. 75 + XXV AP

1.300 €

Gold leaf on wood relief

52,5x31x 4.5 cm

Ed. 25 + V AP

1.600 €

Painted wood

29,5x40x4 cm

Ed. 75 + XXV AP

1.300 €

Painted wood

38x36x5 cm

Ed. 75

1.300 €

Mixed technique

20×29 cm

Ed. 100

300 €

Screenprint and collage

16×24 cm

Ed. 100 + XX

190 €