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mario schifano



Mario Schifano was an Italian painter best known for his Postmodern collages combining advertising imagery, wrapping paper, and painted elements. Mario Schifano artworks often referred to popular culture or art history, featuring well-known brand logos or kitsch recurring motifs in the vein of Pop Art, including lily pads and horses. Constantly adapting to contemporary culture, Schifano worked in numerous media, shifting between film, music, or photography—often employing more than one at a time.
Born in Homs, Libya on September 20, 1934, he emigrated with his family to Italy at a young age. Mario Schifano was a dedicated and prolific artist, enjoying a celebrated career before his death in Rome,

Artist’s Work

Screen printing on paper 56×76 cm
Signed and numbered 58/100 by Mario Schifano

590 €

Highly tactile enamel serigraph.
28-colour print on paper, with embossed stamp of Schifano’s signature, size 35 x 50 cm.
Year: 1992

690 €

Screen printing on paper 56×76 cm
Signed and numbered L/L by Mario Schifano

590 €

Screen printing on paper 72×100 cm
Signed and numbered 2/100 by Mario Schifano

690 €