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Jean-Baptiste Launay, a.k.a. Jisbar, never ceases to surprise us and reinvent itself for new exciting projects. From art to sport, the French artist collaborates with the most famous sportsmen art lovers in the world.

Street Art was born in New York in the 70s, a period in which the economic and social crisis fueled dissent and crime. In response to this chaos, some young people, many of them of Latin American and African American descent, mostly living in the working-class neighborhoods of Washington Heights, Bronx and Brooklyn, spontaneously began to spray paint the wagons, walls and rails of some subway lines.

"Beauty, grace, popular, Roman, direct emanation of life, autobiographical appendix and at the same time 'other' that transcends it, self-portrait and epochal portrait in perfect synergy of references": thus described the painting of Franco Angeli, the poet, writer and journalist Goffredo Parise, one who certainly knew a lot about art and artists, having known and frequented many personally.