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  • street art
    How and where was STREET ART born?
    It is already in the late 1960s that the first writers began obsessively writing their name on every surface. When Keit Haring arrives in New York in 1978, each subway carriage is signed or painted and the city has already for some time initiated intense struggles against a now rampant and out of control phenomenon.
  • franco-angeli-half-dollar
    Franco Angeli Half Dollar is one of the subjects most frequently portrays in Angeli’s artworks. As for Andy Warhol‘s Marylin, for Angeli, the half dollar becomes an identifying mark to be reproduced in series, like the American Pop Art obsession for the repetitiveness. Why the half dollar?

  • andy warhol
    How did Andy Warhol make his works of art? A video to find out!
    The iconic works of Andy Warhol, created in series, are not simple prints, they are real works of art, conceived and created by the great genius of Warhol through a very precise creative process.

  • jisbar
    French neo-pop artist Jisbar has sent his Mona Lisa into orbit around Earth, a pop-art piece paying tribute to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci to celebrate the 500th anniversary of this eternal artist-traveller.
  • repubblica 1
    Martina Manco is 28 years old and has a love for art passed from her parents.
    He lives in Monza and often uses one word: <<Trust>>. Trust << in the power of beauty >> also and above all in the blackest periods like this. Trust << in the future >>, despite everything. And, yes, also the confidence that she wants to create for her newborn business. Because the plan, he says, had always been that, even before the coronavirus.
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