We are proud to start a new collaboration with the brilliant and talented British artist Sara Pope.

The artist’s most famous works of art depict plump and seductive human lips, through the use of a contemporary pop style.
Glamorous, hyper-realistic lips, of which the artist enhances the shine and proportions.


Sara Pope “Dealbreaker”, 2021 – mixed media on wood – 80 cm

Sara Pope boasts a successful past in fashion and design field having worked as a shoe stylist for over a decade. Her artistic creations are the result of these experiences and aim to capture the charm and seductive power conveyed by the lips and mouth. By questioning themes such as beauty, consumerism and the rise of image perfectionism, Sara Pope mimics the cunning of advertising, provocatively subverting its themes.

Marlboro red Sara Pope

Sara Pope “Marlboro Red”, 2021 – mixed media on wood 119×128 cm

The starting point in Sara Pope‘s creative process is the use of makeup brushes and a lipstick.

The artist paints the lips of her models using the tricks and the classic makeup and lighting techniques, trying to achieve a result of perfection. In the course of her creative activity she therefore asks the models to express different emotions and captures them photographically. Using these shots as inspiration and as a basis for her artistic creations, Sara Pope reinterprets reality by bringing it back to canvas, wood or other media.

The painting phase then involves the superimposition of several layers of thin paint diluted in oil, which mix and smooth the colors extensively in each phase, sometimes even mixing the lipstick into the paint.

Emulating the stylistic sophistication of advertising, the result is polished, perfect and irresistible.

Sara Pope neon

Sara Pope “Spoiler Alert”, 2021 – mixed media on wood – 100 cm

Sara Pope’s artworks, exploring ideas and opinions that are universally stereotyped about the conventions of beauty and feminine ideals, simultaneously underline the strong communicative power of small gestures.