Andy Warhol

Magazine and History, 1983

Screenprint and offset lithograph on Rives paper

85,1 × 69,8 cm



More about this work

Edition: 500, approximately 8 HC, signed in pencil lower right and numbered in pencil lower left

Printer: Dr. Cantz’sche Druckerei and Frank Kicherer, Stuttgart, Germany Publisher: Burda Verlag, Munich, Germany

Bibliography: Frayda Feldman, Jörg Schellmann, Claudia Defendi, Andy Warhol Prints. A catalogue raisonné 1962-1987. Fourth edition

revised and expanded, Feldman & Schellmann, New York, 2003, p. 133, n. II.304A.


Do you want to know more about this original graphic created and signed by Andy Warhol?

Magazine and History is a 4.3 meter tall painting by Andy Warhol completed in 1983 and part of the Hubert Burda Media collection.

It features 25 covers of Bunte Magazine, a German weekly that covers celebrities, gossip, news and lifestyle issues.

Hubert Burda, owner of Bunte, and Hubert Burda Media commissioned Andy Warhol to create the artwork for the inauguration of

Bunte’s new offices in Munich Arabellapark. The inauguration took place on 4 December 1983 in the presence of Andy Warhol.

Hubert Burda had visited Andy Warhol in New York City and commissioned several portraits. He was impressed by his approach and his

magazine Interview founded in 1969. It inspired him to modernize the format of Bunte magazine.


In this print, each magazine cover is represented in a different color, acting as individual tiles that form a different kind of

multicolored mosaic.

The painting was exhibited at the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA) in Munich in the Die BUNTE Art exhibition

in June 2018. Along with Andy Warhol’s work, the exhibition included contemporary artists and photographers: Mirko Borsche, Carsten

Fock, Roger Fritz , Hell Gette, Michael von Hassel, Olaf Nicolai, Anselm Reyle, Benjamin Roeder, Stefan Strumbel, Laurence de Valmy, Mia

Florentine Weiss and Wolfgang Wilde.

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