Martina Manco is 28 years old and has a love for art passed from her parents.
He lives in Monza and often uses one word: <<Trust>>. Trust << in the power of beauty >> also and above all in the blackest periods like this. Trust << in the future >>, despite everything. And, yes, also the confidence that she wants to create for her newborn business. Because the plan, he says, had always been that, even before the coronavirus.
Open a gallery specialized in pop art and street art, from the best known names to the promises, << from Andy Warhol to the emerging ones >>, initially in virtual form. A way << also to have an international visibility >>. Make yourself known and appreciated and then, maybe, one day open a physical space <<in Milan and in some tourist locations >>. A project that has not been stopped by quarantine.
Exactly three weeks ago, its Strip Gallery ( was officially launched on the web with the museums closed and the places of culture closed. Of course, even if only online, inaugurating something at the time of a pandemic would have seemed like a gamble to many. But she, she says, was <<ready>> to do it, that step. Too much work, too much energy to put everything in the freezer. And anyway, it was the further reasoning made with her husband, << from Italy to the United States, from the United Kingdom to France, we thought that, having to stay at home, many art collectors would perhaps have had more time and desire to devote themselves to their passion. Why have we wait? >>. This is how the first cry of his creature arrived. And if you ask her if to open in full crisis it takes more unconsciousness or farsightedness she has no doubts: << I choose farsightedness >>. Also because, since then, says Martina, << we have received a series of contacts and requests, both on the website and on the Facebook and Instagram channels. Yes, we trust >>.